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Our studio is a fully equipped MERRITHEW™ STOTT PILATES® studio in Singapore. We are located in Regency House Office Tower, on Penang Road, the quieter parallel of Orchard Road. Our studio is enveloped by full length windows that welcome the natural rays of sunshine all day. Our balconies overlook lush greenery and the sway of calm trees. A view we are grateful for everyday.

Tucked on the 6th floor left corner, our studio space has been created to encourage you to leave your stresses of the day at the door and indulge in a mind body workout prepared for you. Clean and spacious workout areas await you, providing a calm, intuitive experience in each group class or private session.

First up, you’ll meet our warm and friendly studio manager, Benny who will assist you in all matters of the studio.

Be prepared to leave each workout feeling stronger, lighter and energized for the rest of the day.

We have a small retail section selling SHASHI socks and other Pilates props are also available.

Meet Our Instructor


PILATES (pronounced pee-lah-tayz) is a method of low impact exercise movements that is for everybody, regardless of shape, size, age, sex, fitness level and any pre existing injuries.

These exercises focuses on building muscle strength and tone increasing flexibility, enhancing body alignment and improving body posture.

Pilates reminds us to uniformly develop and enhance all muscle groups for functional movements.

Due to its focus on core control, Pilates tends to create tone in the mid-section of your body quite quickly.

From your core it systematically works through all the muscles in the body building strength, flexibility and alignment.

Within 5 to 10 sessions you should begin to feel the difference.

At PILATES CORE & BEYOND, we use the Cadillac, Reformer, Tower, Chair, Ladder Barrel, BOSU, HALO, Cardio-Tramp, Wall Ladder and an extensive variation of small props for a complete workout. Springs on the equipment are used to resist or assist some exercises.