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Pilates is a low impact method of exercise designed to work the whole body. It was created in the 1920’s by the physical trainer Joseph Pilates for the purpose of rehabilitation.

Often, people discover Pilates because of an injury that needs to be rehabilitated. Your doctor would have mentioned to build your core in order to fix your ankle, knee, hip, back and shoulder ailments. Through Pilates you become more aware of your posture and anatomy in day to day living.

If you have an injury or recovering from one, do get your doctors’ approval for beginning or continuing any form of exercise. Depending on the severity of the injury, our instructors can work with your doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor to advise you on how to proceed.

Yes! You can.

You can start by having a chat with our friendly instructors to discuss your requirements and goals.

Yes of course! Pilates can support you through all 3 trimesters and even after birth. Do get your doctors’ clearance first.

Pilates can be done everyday. Ultimately the frequency depends on your goals and commitment. We would recommend at least 2-3 times a week.

Yes! You can.

Having said that, it very much depends on the individual – their fitness level, current health status and needs. Many love Pilates for the feel good factor! At Pilates Core and Beyond you can get an excellent cardio vascular workout on the Cardio Tramp and Jumpboard in our Cardio Craze group class. You may want to try out our Mix it Up group class too.

Weight loss, inches or fat loss is pretty much determined by the 80/20 rule.

80% of what you consume, 20% of what you burn through exercise. Exercise shouldn’t be your main source in your weight loss plan. However, when combined with an appropriate nutritional plan, sleeping habits and lifestyle changes, weight loss goals can be attained.

If you have not done Pilates before, it’s best to take at least 2-3 Private sessions before joining our Reformer or Mat group class.

If you have an injury and are on the mend (Rehabilitating) we suggest you take our series of 10 Private sessions first.

As Pilates is taught with many visualization cues, it may take some getting used to initially.

We suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes before your session. Take a seat in our warm and cozy reception area and fill up some required forms. Our instructor will chat with you to find out about you. You will proceed to your group class thereafter.

If you are taking a Private session with us, after you fill up the forms, our instructor will proceed with a complimentary, comprehensive postural analysis to determine your posture, alignment, strength and weaknesses. From this assessment, we will be in a good position to tailor make a program for you.

We recommend form-fitting comfortable workout attire to allow our instructor to see the alignment of your body so they can properly correct your form if necessary.

We request men to wear underwear or skins underneath their shorts.

All clients are required to wear a clean pair of socks for hygiene purposes.

In all honesty……

NO! If you have something that can spread and make others unwell, we request you to stay home until you get well.

Call us back to reschedule when you feel better.